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Biographies of Key Employees

Jack Borreson, A.Sc.T., CCEP, President, Senior Technologist

Jack is a graduate of a technology program in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, with over 25 years of professional experience in the environmental consulting industry. He recently acquired the designation as Canadian Certified Environmental Practitioner (CCEP) by the Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board. His experience includes regional office management and supervision of southeast Saskatchewan environmental services for an environmental consulting company. He has been involved in the upstream oil and gas industry offering such services as drilling waste management, laboratory analysis, oil & saltwater spill containment and remediation, along with flare pit decommissioning. He has also completed various Phase I, II and III environmental assessments, and underground storage tank removals and site remediation in the downstream and commercial industries. Prior to entering the environmental field he was involved in the agriculture industry and served as a Technical Operator for a major natural gas transmission company. He currently is the managing director of Epic Environmental Technologies Inc. in Redvers, Saskatchewan, and is a 30 year member of the Saskatchewan Applied Science Technologists and Technicians (SASTT).

Chris Borreson, A.Sc.T.,Vice President, Environmental Technologist

Chris is an Applied Science Technologist in Environmental Engineering Technology, graduating from SIAST in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Since 1996, he has gained experience in the environmental consulting industry, being involved with many projects in the upstream oil & gas industry. His experience includes all phases of Environmental Site Assessments (ESA Phase I, II, III), Pre-construction plans and monitoring programs. He is proficient in soil and water sampling, has conducted laboratory and field analysis for industry wastes, and supervised various drilling waste disposal projects including Land-Spraying while Drilling (LWD). His experience also includes domestic water well assessments, well head gas migration testing, along with the decommissioning of UST's and delineating underground contamination. He is a specialist in Electromagnetic Imaging Systems and DGPS mapping and Geophysical surveys. He has extensive knowledge in initial spill response and has designed site specific remediation plans for hundreds of production fluid (oil & saltwater) spills, and has designed and monitored leachate collection systems. He operates various specialized field equipment, computer programs and is an experienced surveyor and draftsman. Chris is a well established site supervisor with current knowledge of Health and Safety legislation and Industry Recommended Practices. He is certified in OSHA, H2S Alive, First Aid, CPR, WHMIS, TDG, Ground Disturbance, Underground Pipe Locating, Confined Spaces, Incident Investigation and Risk Assessment. Chris is a 15 year professional member of SASTT. He is currently the manager of operations with Epic Environmental Technologies Inc.

Ramsay Tremblay, B.App.Sc., Environmental Technician

Ramsay holds his Diploma in Environmental Protection Technology with distinction as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Management. He joined Epic in early 2008 and brings skillful knowledge of planning and assessments in the upstream oil & gas industry. He has conducted countless Pre Disturbance Assessments in both private and sensitive crown lands, and is adept in soil assessment. He is experienced with water well assessments including water sampling programs and drawdown analysis. Ramsay has conducted Electro-Magnetic (EM) surveys with Geoincs and Geophex multi frequency imaging sensors. Buried flare pit abandonments, salt water & oil spill assessments and remediation procedures, as well as many on-going monitoring projects are just few of things he can do well. He is very mechanically inclined and has become the chief operator of Epic's Concord (Geoprobe) soil sampler. He is also a very talented report writer and keeps clients up to speed with updates and Multi section ESA reports. Ramsay has more recently become a site supervisor and can handle large projects with supervisory roles. He is certified in First Aid, CPR, H2S Alive, WHMIS, TDG, and Ground Disturbance.

Jessica Maffenbeier, WFC Dip.

Jessica joined Epic in the summer of 2008 after working with Ducks Unlimited as a wildlife and vegetation assessor. She has a Diploma in Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation from Lakeland College, Vermilion, AB. Jessica is working primarily in the planning department of Epic. She is very proficient at identifying soil classes, vegetation and wildlife, and has been involved in field assessing for species identified by the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Center (SCDC)and Species At Risk Legislation (SARA). She is a liaison between oil companies and government agencies, obtaining approvals for various environmental sensitive projects. Jessica has experience in environmental monitoring of construction and drilling projects for the oil and gas sector in sensitive native prairie lands. She is certified in First Aid, CPR, H2S Alive, WHMIS, TDG, and Ground Disturbance and has taken courses in chainsaw and boat operations and holds a Pesticide Applicators License.

Barry Penner, Environmental Technician

Barry has been with Epic since 2003 and specializes with drilling waste disposal and land-spraying while drilling (LWD) in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Equipped for the job with his prior work experience as a drilling rig worker and established grain/cattle farmer, making drilling and production second nature to Barry. From government applications to on-site field testing, to supervision and reporting, he takes a professional approach to the job and makes the waste disposal mesh seamlessly with the drilling operation while following current environmental regulations. Countless projects including drilling fluid and drilling cuttings analysis/ disposal during the drilling program which also includes making arrangements with landowners for both land and fresh water resources. He is Certified in First Aid, CPR, H2S Alive, WHMIS, and TDG.

Jared Phair, B.App.Sc., Environmental Technician

Jared joined the team in 2011 with his diploma in Land and Water Management and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Management. Jared has experience in Drilling waste disposal (LWD), soil and water sampling, and Pre-disturbance assessments. Jared has skills in lab analysis and utilizes Epic's in-house laboratory to analyze water and soil for identified contaminants. Jared holds current certificates for First Aid, CPR, H2S Alive, Confined Spaces, and Ground Disturbance.
Margaret Hansen, P.Ag., Soil Scientist

Margaret Hansen, P.Ag., Soil Scientist

Margaret is a graduate from the U. of S. with a B.Sc. in Agriculture with Distinction and assists Epic as a soil scientist. She has had responsibility for supervising reclamation, managing remediation programs, conducting environmental assessments, report writing and project management. Her degree in agriculture and participation in a land administration certificate program has allowed Margaret to become familiar with the land issues facing the oil & gas industry. She has considerable experience in delineation and characterization of contaminated soils, and has managed a program designed to assess the pre-disturbance conditions and mitigate the negative environmental impacts caused by a 400 well drilling program. She is also well versed in all stages of remediation and has used her expertise to devise and execute remediation plans for many contaminated sites.
Some of Margaret's professional experience includes;

Some of Margaret’s professional experience includes;

• Preparation of well site reclamation plans, including sensitive areas
• Supervision of lease, access road and pipeline reclamation
• Delineation of spill areas and developing and executing soil sampling programs
• Development of reclamation programs for brine and oil spills
• Landfarm design and management
• Pre and post drilling assessments, including wildlife and vegetation assessments
• Oil & gas site and waste stream audits, along with waste management.
• Development of integrated environmental, health and safety plans.

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